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Some ecstatic destinations best for meditation

By Muskaan Sharma (Guest)

Ever visited a hill station? Now, you must be thinking what a silly question it is… hill stations are basically the first choice of every travel enthusiast. But the point in my question were you just mesmerized with the beauty of the nature, those huge mountains covered in the sheets of snow and those beautiful curvy roads covered with greenery all over or did you also had a look at the culture, the tradition and the spirituality over there, only a few would have.

India is recognised as the land of culture, customs and traditions, and each place in India has its own dose of culture, customs and traditions, served in the euphoric way possible. Visiting any new place strikes something beautiful and new into you, and some places are even beneficial in uplifting you mentally, physically and emotionally by helping you fight with your stress in a blissful manner.

Leh -Ladakh, Sikkim, Manali, Shimla and almost every hill station of India are places which are the house to a beautiful and mesmerising view which is enough to make the tourists fall head over heels in love with the place. But do you know these places are a home to Buddhism and a strict meditation and discipline?

Buddhism is known to be the building block of discipline and meditation, monks and nuns of all ages work together in order to teach people the benefits and the importance of meditation in this stress trapped life. People are busy with their lives being left with no time to look after themselves which further leads to a lot of diseases and problems. However, it is believed that meditation is the core solution to all of your problems and diseases, meditation offers you a soothing comfort relaxing you mentally, emotionally and physically.

These hill stations are not only a home to meditation but they also proffer a wide range of ayurvedic medicines which are known for being a perfect natural remedy to all health concerns. If unable to get these ayurvedic medicines easily or are allergic to them then, you can buy ayurvedic supplements online that strive to provide the same results.

So, the next time you visit any of the hill station don’t just get dazzled by the beauty of nature but also visit a monastery, spend a little time with the monks and nuns over there, getting a closer tip-off about their lifestyle, their discipline and the meditation level, and do copy a bit of their lifestyle in your daily routine in order to have a perfect, stress free life.


About Guest Muskaan Sharma

Muskaan is a content writer presently working with NaturesBuggy LLP, an online platform profusely dealing in supplements and gardening. Following her interest towards writing and an aim of making this stressed captured the unhealthy world, better and healthier Muskaan chose to start blogging about health & fitness articles additionally covering gardening topics to make the world more concerned about their health and greenery around them.