A cup of tea


That was a fine afternoon but everything was not fine between Shikha and Rajesh. Unlike other days Shikha had not prepared the evening tea till now, she was upset with Rajesh since morning. He tried many times to make her understand but it was of no use. However hard he was trying to please her, it was making her even sadder, so he thought to give her own time to think and came to the hall and got busy in his work. But he was not able to concentrate for long. Many times he thought to go and talk to her but thinking that it would be better to talk when her mood will be little ok, he got engaged in his work again.

Next to hall,Shikha was lying restless in her room, thousands of thoughts were swirling in her mind like a storm. She wanted to talk to him but her ego was stopping her. She was just imagining that Rajesh will come and kiss her forehead and will say” I love you so much please stop crying, I can’t see you like this. You are the only person whom I have ever loved so intensely”. Her stream of thoughts got broke as she heard Rajesh coming inside the room. She pretended herself to be sleeping. Finding her asleep, he went to the washroom attached to the room and then came out of the room without even coming near to her bed as he didn’t want to disturb her from her sleep. After he left, she opened her swelled eyes. she could see him going to the kitchen, through the door which he had left slightly open while going out of the room. She felt somewhat dejected at his cold behavior.

The next moment she heard some sound of utensils coming from kitchen. A sudden thought struck to her “Is he preparing tea for me?” she felt little relaxed by thinking that she might be wrong in judging his cold behavior. May be he intently didn’t wake her up at that time when he had come inside the room. May be he was preparing tea for her to give her a little surprise. Then she again heard some sound of polythene bags as if he is searching for something in containers. Now she was fully convinced as she had bought the new packet of tea leafs yesterday and didn’t open it, so he will be searching for that in the container but not finding it. Then suddenly she heard something falling down on the floor. “Oh no! He would have made all the tea leafs fell down on floor” she thought. She felt an urge to  go and check but the next moment “no, i will not go. He wanted to make me awake with a cup of tea made by him with so much love, I will not spoil his plan.” a thought came to her.  She decided to pretend herself asleep until he comes and wakes her up. She was waiting eagerly for him to open the door again but this time with a tray of tea in his hand and smile on his face. After 5 minutes he heard him coming out of the kitchen. She still kept her eyes closed just to feel the touch of his lips on hers, but what was that sound! It was not the sound of her room’s door, it was coming from hall as someone was sliding a chair to sit. Next 5 minute passed her door still not opened. She got up and went directly to the kitchen. To her amaze there was no sign of any one preparing tea then she came to the hall and found Rajesh sitting at his desk watching some documentary in his laptop and eating biscuits. She felt irritated and at the same time laughing at herself on her stupid imagination triggered by some simple sounds which would have been produced by taking water in a glass to drink, searching for something to eat as he would be feeling hungry and the falling of biscuit packet on the floor 🙂

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